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Question by [info]angel_in_tears
What is your favourite thing about Darth Caedus?

Beware of Spoilers for New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force

Between Light and Darkness

To say I have a favourite thing about Darth Caedus is probably not the phrase to describe what I "feel" for this character.

To define the subject more I should first describe to those who don't know him what this character from the fandom Star Wars is about.
Darth Caedus also formerly known as Jacen Solo, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, heroes of the New Republic, was born into difficult times together with his twin sister Jaina Solo. Both were strong in the force and shared a strong twin bond through which they could connect without talking.

Despite dark times they shared a light childhood but at the brink of adulthood darkness entered their lives with heaviness again

Read the rest here and feel free to comment: The war between light and dark

A philosophic look at Jacen's life and his turn to the dark side...debating if he was really that bad...