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Question by [info]angel_in_tears
What is your favourite thing about Darth Caedus?

Beware of Spoilers for New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force

Between Light and Darkness

To say I have a favourite thing about Darth Caedus is probably not the phrase to describe what I "feel" for this character.

To define the subject more I should first describe to those who don't know him what this character from the fandom Star Wars is about.
Darth Caedus also formerly known as Jacen Solo, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, heroes of the New Republic, was born into difficult times together with his twin sister Jaina Solo. Both were strong in the force and shared a strong twin bond through which they could connect without talking.

Despite dark times they shared a light childhood but at the brink of adulthood darkness entered their lives with heaviness again

Read the rest here and feel free to comment: The war between light and dark

A philosophic look at Jacen's life and his turn to the dark side...debating if he was really that bad...

Somebody needs to post something!

Don't forget, you can post fanfiction, pictures, questions, anything about the Legacy of the Force series as well as other Star Wars series!
Title: The Sleepwalker
Author: ring34_ani
Fandom: Star Wars: The New Jedi Order
Characters: Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo
Rating: Rated G
Word Count: 109
Disclaimers: This is a work of fanfiction, I did not create these characters.

The SleepwalkerCollapse )

This was written for the Fanfiction Challenge - July 2010 at jedi_brothers.
I just finished reading Legacy of the Force: Invincible today, and it was annoying me that we don't really have much in the way of Darth Caedus images, apart from the Betrayal cover (which I don't like and therefore don't icon XD). So I decided to do myself a little manipping XD I also realised that most of the Star Wars icons I've posted have been in tiny batches, maybe 10 at a time, so I thought I'd put them all together in one post. So I hope you come take a look :)

2 Legacy of the Force manips
16 Star Wars EU (new)
108 Star Wars films, games and EU (collected)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

HERE at goldenroseicons

Comments are ♥
Troy Denning's been given the honor of being inducted into the 501st Legion as an honorary member because of his work in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars.

Read about it here: http://www.501st.com/news.php?permalink=17352
Don't forget that the community welcomes any fanfiction, icons, or artwork that have something to do with the characters in the EU universe, most notably those that have been in Young Jedi Knights, New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force, etc. AU is okay. Any rating or pairing is fine as long as warnings or adult content notices are used when needed. Old stories are fine to re-post here, there are many of us who haven't read much of the past EU fanfiction. The same goes for artwork or icons.
Here's something to keep in mind. On June 13 EUCast will be doing an interview with Invincible author Troy Denning. You can send in questions for him to answer during the show.

Details here: EU Cantina

Invincible on other Best Sellers lists...

Invincible by Troy Denning is also #4 on the Publisher's Weekly list of Latest Bestsellers of Hardcover Fiction: http://www.publishersweekly.com/bestsellerslist/2.html?channel=bestsellers

And it's #14 on USA Today's Best Sellers list which I think includes both hardcover and paperback books: http://content.usatoday.com/life/books/booksdatabase/default.aspx

So apparently a lot of readers are buying the hardcover instead of waiting for the paperback or a lot of people have heard all the hype about it and want to see what it's about. Either way, it's wonderful to see a Star Wars book on the lists again!


Club Jade reports that StarWars.com user Suzanne has summarized the recent posts of Sue Rostoni and Troy Denning from the starwars.com message boards to make them easier to read:

Sue Rostoni posts

Troy Denning posts
The paperback version of Invincible is scheduled to be released by RandomHouse on December 30, 2008. The follow-up book, Millennium Falcon by James Luceno, is also set to be released in December.

More here: http://www.theforce.net/latestnews/story/Invincible_Paperback_In_December_114934.asp

And a release schedule for Star Wars books for the next few months: http://theforce.net/books/bookschedule.asp
As of May 24, Troy Denning's Invincible was #5 on the Hardcover Fiction List on the New York Times Best-Seller Lists. It entered at this spot, the highest yet for a Legacy of the Force novel.

Here's the Hardcover Fiction List: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/01/books/bestseller/0601besthardfiction.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

Here's a post about it in the Latest News of TheForce.Net: http://www.theforce.net/latestnews/story/Invincible_In_BestSeller_List_114940.asp

This post says it's possible this is the highest entry of a Star Wars novel since Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover entered at #2 in 2005.


According to Club Jade, Aaron Allston, author of Betrayal, Exile, and Fury, has hopped on the question-answering bandwagon at the starwars.com message boards.

Start reading the thread here: http://forums.starwars.com/thread.jspa?threadID=222689&start=6570

Here are pieces of some of his posts:

"There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether Tycho survived the events of Fury, but the answer is right there, at the bottom of page 350. "General Celchu is in the medical ward, recovering from a stun bolt."

"Caedus killed Tebut not because he genuinely considered her a traitor or an incompetent, but because he needed to kill someone in order to quench the rage that he felt after Allana's rescue. She was close, she was convenient, and she had some relevance to the events that led to Allana's rescue. The question then comes up, how many people does Caedus need to murder (horribly) in order to deal with his anger? His behavior after her death -- cooling down to a creepy, hollow sort of calm -- suggests rather strongly that the answer is "one." As he leaves the bridge, he tells Nevil that he's going to his quarters. Were he going to kill Tycho, he would have told Nevil that he was going to the medical ward. So, though it's not stated later in the book or the series, the prevailing evidence points to a likelihood that Caedus did not kill Tycho."

"Some fans seem to think that there were two sides to the situation he faced -- Luke's and Jacen's. But there were actually three -- Luke's, Jacen's, and Niathal's. Tycho works for Niathal. He has strong bonds of loyalty both to Wedge and to the GA military, as represented by his boss, Niathal. Since Tycho was on a mission from the GA military, the duty uppermost in his mind was to those who dispatched him on his mission. Regardless of his feelings toward Wedge and Luke, he had to try to do his duty. In pursuing the Jedi aboard the Anakin Solo and trying to alert the ship's crew to their plan, he was making a heroic, if ultimately unsuccessful, effort to do that duty], regardless of how he personally felt about Jacen, Luke, Wedge, Niathal, etc., and regardless of what it might cost him. And you can be sure that Wedge, also a military veteran, would understand all this, and that there would be no animosity between them when next they met. So, no, there is no unresolved Tycho plot. He was not trying to infiltrate anyone, he was not betraying anyone -- he was doing his duty. And he did successfully open up secret communications between the Jedi and Niathal, thus resolving his part in the story."

"Most of the tassel meanings were derived from statements made about or by Sith characters in the movie and in EU materials over the years, though often their language was altered to make them more ambiguous or to make them more directly applicable to Jacen. Often, the underlying statements referred to Sith in general rather than to specific Sith characters. It's important, though, not to attach too much importance to the tassels, as some seem to have done. The tassels were a MacGuffin in the classic Alfred Hitchcock sense -- a contrivance that sets events into motion, that has no other purpose than to do so, and that, having done so, can be discarded and forgotten. The tassels served that purpose for me in a meta-sense, and in the story sense they served that exact function for Lumiya. Their purpose to her was to determine whether Jacen had enough education to detect their relevance and comprehend or rapidly learn their meaning. Since the answer was yes, Lumiya knew Jacen could remain a candidate for Sithhood. All that having been accomplished, the tassels can and should be forgotten."

No earth-shattering answers to anything, just a little clarification about Tycho and those darned tassels (that apparently weren't as important as they seemed to be in the beginning).

Aaron Allston also updated his blog after quite an absence: http://blogs.starwars.com/aaron_allston

Author of Invincible Troy Denning is answering questions at the starwars.com message boards.

Check it out starting here:


Denning replies to several of the questions in the thread but seems to be vague in answering some of them and says more than once that he doesn't want to be "commenting on the text itself" so that leaves out a lot of in-depth answers. But it is very interesting to read what he thinks about the book and he definitely considers it almost exclusively a Jacen & Jaina story and that's why all the loose ends weren't tied up nice and neat.
*This post contains mild SPOILERS about Invincible and Millennium Falcon as does the included links. Read no further if you have an aversion to that!*

Club Jade reports that editor Sue Rostoni has been talking about Invincible and Millennium Falcon on the starwars.com message boards under the Books, Comics, and Television (BCaT) threads as Eeusu Estornii.

Here are a couple of things she said in reply to some of the posts:

"It's a stand-alone by Jim Luceno and is set a few years after the events of Legacy of the Force. Han, Leia, and Allana go off on an adventure.... and all three come back alive, just so you know."

"It's more like two years in between, so Allana will only be 6 or 7. We're putting the gap in there so you won't have to read about the angst and grief our main characters experience after Jacen's death, etc. We want them to be able to recover a bit, off camera."
(This comment and the previous one are in response to questions about Millennium Falcon)

"What got me were the Jacen jokes at the beginning of the chapters. I was continually reminded of what a great person Jacen was; how tender and caring, bright, inventive, playful -- all those wonderful qualities.... and here he is now; corrupt through wrong thinking and jealousy, totally out of control and out of touch, way off the track and needing to be stopped. The jokes made me feel to tender toward him that when the inevitable did happen, I did tear up, just remembering the boy/man he used to be and how he totally messed himself up, and for Jaina, for what she had to do..."

"Jacen was well beyond being able to accept responsibility for his actions and stop. I don't think he was technically insane, but his power had certainly affected his reasoning ability. I don't think there was any possibility that he would sit down and talk with Jaina and admit that he had made some major missteps. Boy gone wild."

It's a very interesting thread to read. Many posters were upset about the years between Invincible and Millennium Falcon and how that would skip over the emotional fallout after Jacen's death, and Sue Rostoni tries to address that. Daala is also discussed a bit as well as some concerns about the characters aging too fast since years are skipped between book series. There are no major spoilers except for Jacen's death and it's likely that anyone who has the remotest interest in LOTF knows about that now whether they've read the book or not.

Troy Denning appearances...

According to RandomHouse these are Invincible author Troy Denning's next appearances:

5/17/2008 Free Library of Philadelphia (Central Library)
1901 Vine St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215-567-4341 1 pm

5/18/2008 Book Revue
313 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743
631-271-1442 2 pm

5/29/2008 Tattered Cover Bookstore
9315 Dorchester Street
Littleton, CO 80129
303-436-9219 7:30 pm

5/30/2008 University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
206-634-3400 7 pm

6/1/2008 Borders Books
2765 E.Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630
916-984-5900 2 pm

6/7/2008 Disney Star Wars Weekend
Disney Hollywood Studios
Orlando, FL

I'm not close to any of them but perhaps some of you are and wouldn't it be a treat to hear him speak!

Pencil art...

Another link from Club Jade featuring wonderful pencil art by Falconfan:


Lumiya artwork...

Another fanart link from Club Jade, the artist is Nikita Nielsen


There are several Star Wars drawings in her gallery which includes this one of Lumiya:


Beautiful artwork...

Club Jade has posted an entry with this link included, http://rockie-roade.deviantart.com/gallery/#Star-Wars, for a very talented artist named Rachel Moir.

Her drawings include several of Mara Jade and some of Jacen/Caedus, Luke, Ben, and Tahiri.

Here are just a few of her drawings, I hope she doesn't mind me posting them here but they are really great:

The Jacen and Mara duel from Sacrifice

Mara Jade Skywalker

Tahiri Veila on Dagobah

Check out her site to see the others and I think there's a place where you can comment on them.


Well, I read the book...

I've read the book, too fast though I must admit and will likely go back and re-read it which is a weird thing I like to do sometimes.

I have such mixed feelings about it. Sadness that this particular series is ending. But also a feeling of being let down by the writer (who I had always admired before) and the powers-that-be or whoever it is who helps decide where these series will go and how they'll end.

For one thing the book is TOO SHORT. Part of my bad feelings about it is that nothing is explained very clearly or thoroughly, not nearly enough emotion is expressed by the characters, and it just has a plain old hurry-up-and-let's-get-this-over-with-already feeling too it.

More here...don't want to spoil anybodyCollapse )

Check out these great LOTF drawings!

According to Club Jade, Shea Standefer (rurouni_jedi here at LJ) is the artist of several Legacy of the Force drawings, including this one of the Queen Mother, Tenel Ka:

It's really a beautiful picture and the artist has more in the works including one of Jaina Solo and one of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka together.


Talk about the last book...

There's a post, http://community.livejournal.com/jedi_brothers/30883.html?view=138915#t138915, at the jedi_brothers community talking about the last Legacy of the Force book, with a link to a mild spoiler at Club Jade.

It won't be long, just a few more weeks, until we get the end of the story. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that.

If you have any thoughts on the series let us know! Put any speculation or spoilers behind a cut for those who don't want to read them early.

Revelation today...

Don't forget that today is the big day...Revelation written by Karen Traviss should be in stores. The series is winding down and the tension is high with wondering how the series will end with the next book.

On some of the other boards there've been unexpected predictions of our dear Lord Caedus' redemption. How the writers will do that before the end is beyond me but I suppose it would be possible though I still think it's not very likely. I'm actually afraid everything will either be left hanging or wrapped up too quickly and neatly with no explanation for occurances.

Feel free to discuss anythinng about the books and characters. If you know of anyone else who'd be interested in joining the community, let them know we're here. We need a little more activity.


Title: Meant to Be
Author: mara_forever
Fandom: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force
Characters: Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo (mentioned only), Anakin Solo (mentioned only)
Rating: Rated G
Word Count: around 215
Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters, I just write fanfiction.
Summary: A snippet from Jaina Solo’s journal.

Meant to BeCollapse )
Title: Memories of Yesterdays
Author: cadeskywalker
Fandom: Star Wars Expanded Universe (LoTF)
Characters: Darth Caedus/Jacen Solo, Anakin Solo, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo
Rating: Rated PG
Word Count: 735
Disclaimers: This is fanfiction; the only profit I get is enjoyment.
Notes: Just a little drabble about two of my favorite characters.
Summary: Brothers will argue…

Memories of YesterdaysCollapse )

Cross-posted to cadeskywalker, jedi_brothers, anakins_memoirs, and other Star Wars communities.

Have you seen the cover???

If you haven't seen the new cover of Invincible then you are in for a treat. Here's the link:


Is there anyone who can make an icon or two of it?

Wasn't today the day?

SO DID THE BOOK COME OUT TODAY?!!! I don't see any posts here about it yet.

I worked a double shift and by the time I left work I was brain dead and had no thought of driving 45 minutes to the nearest store that might have it. After I rested a while, then I wanted it. Now I'm trying to think of how I can slip away tomorrow and get it.

I've been reading the spoilers in some of the previous posts and was wondering how accurate they were?...Somebody?...Anybody?...Hellooooooo?

Spoilers for Fury...

Fury is officially out Tuesday, November 27 but, after reading at several different boards, it appears there are already books floating around.

Here's a link to some major spoilers written by someone who apparently already has a copy of the book. As always, I've no sure way to tell if it's all true but it certainly has the right sound to it. If you didn't want to choke Jacen before you will after this book. Fury SPOILERS

***WARNING***This link does lead to major spoilers for the still unreleased Legacy of the Force book Fury. DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS YET!

Discuss the books and the spoilers all you want, either in reply to this or in your own post, just give warnings so that anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled won't be.

Discussion for Legacy of the Force...

IT'S MUCH TOO QUIET AROUND HERE!!! But I suppose most of you are like me, up to your neck in work or family or personal things or all of the above.

It won't be long until the new book is out, does anyone have any thoughts about it? Where you think the characters are going or who'll survive? I'm still trying to figure out how things will end in the last book, no happily ever after that's for sure but hopefully it won't be too disheartening either...we all need hope! Please feel free to post your thoughts about the series...


Revelation spoilers...

Here's a short Revelation spoiler that's making the rounds. Nothing surprising but if you're like me you'll take any little bit of info you can get...

RevelationCollapse )
And here's another for Fury...

FuryCollapse )

The one for Fury seems almost exactly like a spoiler summary that was leaked a few weeks ago.


It's too quiet here at the community...

It seems like the EU fandom is awfully quiet the past few weeks. Actually, the whole Star Wars fandom is.

If anybody has any interesting news, fanfiction, links, icons, etc., please share with us at legacy_dreams!

The cute black cat and pumpkins icon is by lupinskitty.
There's a publishers' summary making its way around communities and message boards for Fury. I read it at http://www.njoe.com/. To me there's nothing very spoilery about it, nothing we can't surmise from what's happened in the other book.

Click here to read the summary...Collapse )


Title: Anakin’s Ghost, Chapter 2
Author: darth_caedus
Fandom: Star Wars EU (LotF)
Characters: Anakin Solo, Lady Lumiya, mentions of Jacen Solo and Nelani Dinn
Rating: Rated PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters; this is fanfiction and intended to be read as such.
Word Count: 462
Notes: Takes place shortly after events near the end of Betrayal.
Summary: The ghost of Anakin Solo’s thoughts after Nelani Dinn’s death at the hands of his brother, Jacen.

Anakin's Ghost, Chapter 2Collapse )

Originally written for anakins_memoirs.
Title: The Choice, Chapter 1
Author: skywalker_rains
Fandom: Star Wars LotF (AU)
Characters: Ben Skywalker
Setting: At some time after Sacrifice.
Ratings: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimers: This is a work of fanfiction; I do not own these characters.
Summary: Ben Skywalker is sent help in dealing with his enemies. However, his help may be just as big a problem as they are.

The Choice, Chapter 1Collapse )
Title: Anakin’s Ghost, Chapter 1
Author: darth_caedus
Fandom: Star Wars EU (LotF)
Characters: Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo, Ben Skywalker
Rating: Rated G for this piece.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 570
Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters; this is fanfiction and is intended to be read as such.
Notes: Takes place during Betrayal. And although Anakin Solo is not in the Legacy of the Force series, he is observing some of those who are.
Summary: The ghost of Anakin Solo watches his brother Jacen.

Anakin's Ghost, Chapter 1Collapse )

This story was written for anakins_memoirs and is from Anakin Solo’s point of view. And yes, Anakin is dead and will certainly stay dead though he continues to attempt to communicate with his brother, Jacen, and others.



I'm stuck at work out in the middle of nowhereland and I WANT MY BOOK NOW!!!! I've already called the nearest bookstore and they don't have it yet, they're small and not very dependable at having things on the first day. I called two other stores that carry books and they don't have it yet, one said it would be the end of the week before they have a new delivery of books, one said their delivery person hadn't made it there yet today but they were fairly sure he'd be there soon. Just what I get for living in the sticks. But if I wasn't at work on a double shift then I COULD DRIVE UNTIL I FOUND IT SOMEWHERE!

If anyone wants to toss a nice little bone of a spoiler my way, please feel free to do so...


This thread contains the best bunch of Inferno spoilers around, but you have to read all of it, I think there's about six pages. Very interesting! I know there's no proof they're real but they are something to think about.

And these are SPOILERS FOR THE NEW LOTF BOOK INFERNO so if you do not want to be spoiled then DON'T LOOK AT THEM.

Inferno spoilers this way...
Title: Resurrection Day
Author: benskywalker
Fandom: Star Wars Legacy of the Force (EU)
Characters: Darth Caedus, Anakin Solo
Rating: Rated PG
Word Count: 514
Disclaimers: I’m not sure who owns these characters but it is not me; I make no profit from this; this is a work of fanfiction.
Summary: Can Darth Caedus be saved? Someone seems to think so.

Resurrection DayCollapse )
I have said for months that I was going to start over reading the Legacy of the Force books from the beginning since I usually read through them so quickly the first time around.

The first one is “Betrayal” by Aaron Allston. Feel free to comment or question.

Betrayal...Collapse )

Latest rumors...

Here are the latest spoilers, posted at TF.N.

Inferno spoilers...


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